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Color White
Product Dimensions 26.9"D x 15.5"W x 16.5"H
Material Ceramic
Installation Type Floor Mounted


  • Efficient Air Drying: Experience the ultimate convenience with the intelligent toilet's built-in warm air drying functionality. Say goodbye to traditional paper use and enjoy a hygienic and eco-friendly solution that ensures a gentle and comfortable drying experience after each use.
  • Cleaning Mode: Superflo smart bidet toilet with self-cleaning jets / rear/female wash. In bidet cleaning mode, it can be adjusted to your preferred water pressure and temperature, giving you a comfortable toilet experience.
  • Auto Open/Close: Tankless toilet cover will automatically open when you approach, and the cover and seat will automatically close when you leave. No need to operate manually, enjoy a non-contact experience!
  • Automatic Toilet: Electric toilet with sensor on bidet seat, when people leaving, one piece toilet smart will flush to make your hands-free. You can also control the flush with the kick button or remote.
  • Powerful Flushing: Intelligent toilet with siphonic jet technology, it can reduce waste accumulation and keep the smart toilet bidet clean.The built-in battery ensures normal flushing in case of power outage, providing peace of mind and consistent performance.


smart toilets for bathrooms

smart toilet

smart toilet

smart bidet toilet

Powerful Flush Performance:

Experience the ultimate in flushing efficiency with our smart bidet toilet's powerful flushing feature. Engineered for optimal performance, it swiftly and thoroughly cleans the bowl with each use, ensuring a pristine and hygienic toilet environment. Say goodbye to worries about clogs and hello to a refreshing and effective flushing experience.

Comfortable Design

  • Slow-Close Lid for Gentle Descents:

Enjoy added convenience and a touch of elegance with the slow-close lid of our smart toilet. The lid gently and silently lowers itself, preventing abrupt slamming and potential damage.

  • Nightlight Illumination:

Navigate your bathroom effortlessly, even during the darkest hours, with the built-in nightlight of our smart toilet. The subtle and soothing illumination provides just the right amount of light to guide you without disrupting your nighttime tranquility.

Heated Seat Comfort:

Elevate your comfort to new heights with the heated seat feature of our smart toilet. Step into luxurious warmth during colder seasons, eliminating the shock of a chilly seat.

intelligent toilet


smart toilet

smart toilet

smart toilet

Waterproof Excellence:

Experience usage with toilet with bidet built in's exceptional waterproof design, this feature ensures long-lasting durability and prevents any damage caused by water exposure.

Interactive Display Screen:

Through the intuitive display screen of the smart toilet, you can have complete control at any time. This screen does not have touch buttons, but it offers clear visual cues and user-friendly navigation, allowing you to see the status of various functions.

Convenient Remote Control:

Enhance your comfort and convenience with the included remote control for our bidet smart toilet. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to effortless operation from a distance. Remote lets you fine-tune settings, activate cleansing features, and even control the seat heating—all without the need to reach for buttons on the toilet itself.

smart toilet bidet
smart one piece toilet
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Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea Smart Toilet With Bidet Built In,SL102-Arrisea

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